Publication and large-scale graphics created for East Street Arts’ exhibition of Laura Grace Ford’s work for the opening of Convention House, a new hub for visual arts in Leeds city centre. Ford’s work explores place and memory, using Leeds as the canvas. The publication’s two formats showcase the images and texts in tandem, produced through risograph printing. Studio Volk also produced a large-scale written piece that accompanied the exhibition and a billboard, situated in Leeds overlooking York Road as part of the Marsh Lane billboard project.
A book called Feed the Fires, Tend the Stock sitting on a table next to two other books either side

The publication on sale at the Village pop-up store in Convention House

A close-up of the typography used in the publications
A billboard situated in Leeds, it says 'Feed the fires, tend the stock'

Close up of the billboard situated on Marsh Lane in Leeds

Photo credit to Jules Lister

A billboard in Leeds, the billboard says 'Feed the fires, tend the stock'